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8 weeks youthful facial package

Every week you concentrate on 1 part of the face. Every week is contingent upon completion of the previous week. Package includes: 8 VIDEOS AND 8 EXPLANATARY DOCUMENTS Week 1: Forehead (including the 11 lines). Week 2: Eyes (including the Crow’s feet). Week 3: Mouth (uplift for the mouth) Week 4: Lips (smoker’s lines) Week 5: Cheeks (fuller or slimmer cheeks) Week 6: Nasolabial folds (smile lines) Week 7: Neck and Jawline (double chin and sagging skin) Week 8: Advanced Poses (including the famous: Mini Facelift) Video of the week concentrating on the specific region of the face. (The videos are distributed 1 week at a time.) Pdf’s for the week’s exercises of the specific region of the face. (Including photos and explanations step by step, on the how to, of the exercises.)

Face Reading Zoom prior to starting

Acupressure Points

Facial Massage

Many tips and tricks


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