Look Up Sonny

Posture has a direct affect on our face. Rounded shoulders and a tense neck will show up on our face as furrow lines between the eyebrows as well as a less defined jawline.

Tune into your posture by taking a few deep breathes. Look in the mirror and notice how you’re standing.

An erect posture brings more oxygen to your cells and brings your heart out. 

Think tall tree, strong, with a soft heart.

Slouching gives not only hunched shoulders but also a pouchy tummy.

Breathe in, straighten up, push your shoulders back and relax.

Great when we’re standing around, but what about when the phone or laptop comes out? Automatically we’re hunched over, concentrating on the screen.

Bring the phones up.
Bring the laptop up.

I use a laptop stand, because there’s just no other way not to hunch over unless your screen is at your eye level.